This is an exclusive invitation for women business owners and entrepreneurs to experience the value of reconnecting with their mind, body, and business! 

 The Leading Ladies in Business launch retreat will provide a unique opportunity to pause, tap into your winning mindset, and mastermind for success!

This exclusive event will take place on:
Saturday, August 25th
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

the luxurious estate and leisure destination:

Chateau Elan Winery & Resort 
100 Rue Charlemagne
Braselton, Georgia 30517

Chateau Elan
Winery & Resort




Guided by leading UK-based mindfulness Yoga specialist,

Astra Farquharson, BSc, BWY Dip, CMI


Essential mindset training by International Speaker & Purpose Coach,
Clestine Herbert


Facilitated by the B.E.S.T. Marketing Strategist,
Nadine Mullings, MBA

The Mind Shifting Method reconnecting with your 
Mind, Body, and Business!


 *  Please note accommodation is not included with this package please contact Chateau Elan for their current room rates

The Power of Pause 

Ever wanted to disconnect from all devices and reconnect with your mind and body, so you can show up fully in life and business? 

As dedicated business women finding the time and space for yourself can be a constant challenge!

On this launch day retreat you will be given the opportunity to genuinely pause through an exploration of gentle yoga and mindfulness techniques.

Taking care of your business starts with taking care of yourself!


A Winning Mindset 

Ever feel like you are on a constant treadmill of task-driven action in your business? For many entrepreneurs this leads to discouragement and potential burnout.

It is often said that only 20% of what you do in your business accounts for 80% of the results. So actions are just one side of your success story with your mindset being the key to breakthrough to the next level.

Learn how to apply less effort to bring a bigger change for your business. Discover how to shift from knowing to believing, and wanting to doing using motivational and mindset techniques including evidence journaling  and intention-boards. 

Get a 'bigger picture' mindset for your business! 

Masterminding for Success 

Working alone and not having access to a community of like-minded people who understand your struggles  and are there to encourage and support you, can be a major issue for many business owners and entrepreneurs.

Masterminding allows business owners and entrepreneurs to come together to collaborate, support, and gain valuable insights and perspectives for your business. 
Succeed in business by tapping into community!

Nadine Mullings​​​​​​, MBA
Founder of Leading Ladies in Business​​​​​​

Astra Farquharson, Bsc, BWY Dip, CMI 
Founder of Therapy Yoga

Guest Speaker
Clestine I Herbert 
International Speaker, Coach, and Author 

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